• Peiffer PicDr. Gary Peiffer, Superintendent

    E-mail: gary.peiffer@chartiers-houstonsd.com

    Dr. Gary Peiffer grew up in Quakertown, Pennsylvania, between Philadelphia and the Lehigh Valley.  His father Douglas Peiffer worked briefly at Bethlehem Steel before enlisting in the Navy and becoming a history teacher and football coach at Quakertown Community Senior High School. His mother worked part-time as a secretary for both an attorney and then later a bank. 

    After graduating from Quakertown Community Senior High School in 1984, Dr. Peiffer pursued his Bachelor of Science degree in Secondary Education at Penn State University in 1988.  Dr. Peiffer subbed and worked temp jobs until 1990 when he landed his first position teaching history in an approved private school outside of Philadelphia called Carson Valley School.  While at Carson Valley, Dr. Peiffer pursued his Master of Education degree at Temple University in Philadelphia and his principal certificate. Graduating from Temple in 1996, Dr. Peiffer was hired as an assistant principal for grades 7-12 in the East Allegheny School District in North Versailles in 1997.  From 1997-2012, Dr. Peiffer served as an administrator at East Allegheny in the roles of assistant principal, middle school principal, high school principal, director of federal programs, curriculum coordinator, and assistant to the superintendent.

    In 2009, Dr. Peiffer enrolled at the University of Pittsburgh to pursue the Superintendent Letter of Eligibility and Doctor of Education degree. In 2012, Dr. Peiffer was first hired as superintendent at the Carlynton School District. During his time there, he earned his doctorate of education from the University of Pittsburgh in 2015.  From 2018-2021, Dr. Peiffer served as the superintendent of the Greensburg Salem School District.  After being hired by the Chartiers-Houston School Board on June 21st 2021, Dr. Peiffer began his tenure as a Buccaneer on July 6th.   Dr. Peiffer has a 16-year-old daughter who is a talented soccer goalie, basketball player, and painter.  He has a sister who teaches kindergarten at the East Allegheny School District. In his spare time, Dr. Peiffer is an avid reader, enjoys a good cup of coffee, and likes to travel and hike outdoors.  Dr. Peiffer will continue to get out in the community and talk with the people to better understand the needs of the Chartiers-Houston students. Believing that effort creates ability and high expectations for all students leads to increased quality of work, Dr. Peiffer is looking forward to the start of the new school year and for the opportunity to visit classrooms to see the good things teachers are doing to help the students succeed.